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Himalayan country Nepal known as best destination for Trekking/Hiking sport in world, there are two different types of trekking being popular in Nepal trekking region, Tea House trekking and Camping trekking.  Trekking/hiking tourism activities is being popular day by day in Nepal. A large number of tourist visit Nepal to see the panorama view of Himalayan range, wonderful landscape as well as natural beauty. Two different types of trekking in Nepal have their own identity. Tea House Trekking being popular between family trekking and independent travelers. Tea House Trekking can be organize in most popular trekking regions including Everest trekking region, Annapurna trekking region as well as Langtang trekking region, where trekker find plenty of Lodges and Guest houses in Trekking routes easily. In tea house/ lodge trekking, accommodation and food provide at guest houses and lodges along the trekking route. There are so many trekking destinations just lunch in hill side of Nepal which provide home stay program. Camping Trekking is perfect way to discover more remote trekking areas and learning about the different cultures and people of Nepal. Camping trekking might be the familiar with the community in the places where ever we organize. In organized/ camping trekking company offer all the essential food and camping equipment for a private or larger group of travelers. Trekking staffs of Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd take care of all the technical and logistical aspects of the trip. Our experience trekking staff will set the camp along the trails and experience cooks prepare the western and Asian food according to guest’s choice. Camping trekking can be arrange all over Nepal but recommend  camping trekking in  some remote and popular areas of Nepal are Upper Mustang trekking region, Kanchenjunga trekking region, Manaslu trekking region, Dolpa trekking region, Dhaulagiri trekking region, Rolwaling trekking region, Makalu trekking region etc.

Trekking type in Nepal
(I) Tea house trek In Nepal
(II) Camping trek In Nepal

Tea house trekking in Nepal:
Lodge basic Trekking in Nepal or Tea house trekking in Nepal is known as a cheapest way of doing trekking in Nepal, where accommodation and meals during trekking period are provided in a teahouse. Tea house trekking is popular along the many trekking trails of Nepal, stopping each night to eat and sleep at a local Tea House/ Lodge. Lodge Trekking is just the item for trekkers to make trekking holidays budget and simply way. Services of tea house trekking can be as simple as providing Nepali meals and warm accommodation to long list of hygienic menu to cozy room for overnight. Teahouse trekking is very popular list of menu with tasty and hygienic food in different  trekking region such as Everest, Annapurna, Langtang. In these regions, lodges offer western, continental meals, Nepalese meal and good accommodation with attached bathroom with hot and cold shower in most of the places. You can get battery chargeable facility in high places. Telephone and internet are available in each destination. Because of all above facilities at trekking destination, Teahouse trekking are the most popular trekking type in Nepal.

Camping trek In Nepal
Organize/Camping trek is the classic style of trekking types of Nepal, camping trekking can be organized all over the country, which area are opened for the trekking destination under Nepal Government . Camping trek is fully organized and supported trekking, with a team of guides, cooks, Sherpa’s and porters to accompany with trekkers. All essential trekking equipment and other trekking goods are carrying by our porters. During the camping trekking period, our experience cook will prepare meal for clients. Every night, tents for dining, sleeping and ablutions are provided and set up mattresses and down-filled sleeping bags, tables and seating are arranged by our trekking staffs. Camping Trekking in Nepal a fully organized trek is one, which is self-sufficient. There are guides, cooks, Sherpa and porters to take care of all the technical and logistical feature of the camping trekking trips. Porter carries everything, including your personal stuff. Good Taste Treks & Expedition team will recommend you to make camping trek if you are doing trek freshly popular trails or freshly open trails where there are no hotels and lodge.

Trekking type in Nepal depends to your budget
(I)    Budget trekking package in Nepal
(II)    Standard Trekking Package in Nepal
(III)    Standard plus Trekking Package in Nepal
(IV)    Luxurious trekking package in Nepal

Trekking type in Nepal according to your time schedule
1. less then a week trekking in Nepal
2. A week trekking in Nepal
3. Two weeks trekking in Nepal
4. Three weeks trekking in Nepal
5. Four weeks trekking in Nepal
6. Up to four weeks trekking

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