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Trekking in Nepal is one of the popular adventure tourism activities of Himalayan region in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal is a unique experience of Himalayan treks there are four major trekking grades you can find in Nepal trekking known as Easy Trekking in Nepal, Moderate Trekking in Nepal, Strenuous Trekking in Nepal and Challenging Trekking in Nepal. It is essential to know the trekking destination and its difficulty, before departing to trekking in Nepal. There are four major trekking grades that you can arrange treks in Nepal such as backpacking, teahouse treks, camping treks, self arranged treks and treks arranged through a trekking company. You can choose trekking type also which is suitable for your physical fitness before departing to trekking in Nepal. It’s important to match your fitness level for your suitability.

All Trekking packages in Nepal are graded and clearly marked at the top sidebar of each trip Highlight section. Choose trekking package Nepal and enjoy your trekking or walking holidays in Nepal. It is important to prepare yourself physically and to choose a trek that suits you. In this way we have graded our treks to provide an indication of what is required. Please remember, that only minimal exercise is required to prepare yourself for most of our trips, and you only carry a light daypack while you are in trekking in Nepal. While planning to do trekking in Nepal, you can choose between staying in tea-house or camping. A tea- house is a local run guest house, but standards. Most of the popular trekking areas such as Everest, Annapurna, langtang tea houses are more like hotels, with hot water, Western food and private rooms, but in remote areas, they are far simpler and more authentically Nepali. Tea-house trekking is less expensive than camping, and is suitable for small groups. With large groups, irrespective of the area, it is more practical to camp. A team of guides, porters and cooks mean you trek in comfort and provide international-style food of a high standard. Four major trekking grades in Nepal are:

Easy trekking in Nepal
Trekking in Nepal proudly inform the Nepal traveler about Easy trekking in Himalayan region in Nepal. There are plenty of ups and downs on well-maintained easy trekking trails in Nepal. Easy trekking type of trip is best suited for those who lead a reasonably active life. Easy trek takes grade indicates that you have to walking for only four to six hrs per day. It depends on your walking speed. Most of the easy trekking trips are not necessary to hike higher than 3000 meters. Easy trekking trips usually consist of around three to seven days of camping or tea house trekking in Nepal. Most of the trekkers will require only minimal preparation for easy treks in Himalayan foot hills of Nepal. Trekkers who have not any previous trekking experience, we offer a diverse range of easy treks in Nepal. Easy Trekking is suitable for everyone. Visit Nepal once in life time and enjoy its natural beauty yourself. Culture experiences and historic sites are the main focus of these trips.

Moderate trekking in Nepal
Moderate trekking in Nepal you have to walking in Himalayan foot hills five to seven hrs per day. Most of the moderate trekking trips are not necessary to hike higher than 5000 meters. Moderate trekking trips usually consist of around five to ten days of camping or tea house trekking. Paths are always well define, but we will be spending time at altitudes above 3000 meters and we reach the 5000 meters sometimes of the route. If you are not particularly active, regular pre–trip exercise is strongly recommended for all of the moderate trekking packages in Nepal. Moderate type of trekking includes day excursions to higher elevations, for which it’s advisable to have some previous hill or mountain walking and hiking experience. Moderate Trekking packages are more difficult than easy treks in Nepal. Moderate Trekking are suitable for all trekkers who is looking for something a little more energetic. Moderate trekking trips are takes long time then easy trekking. And we have to walk up and down and climb up to higher altitude, where you will be rewarded with close-up views of high mountains and great Himalayan range situated in the north part of Nepal. Visit Nepal once in life time and enjoy moderate trekking with superb views of highest mountain of the world.

Strenuous trekking in Nepal
Strenuous Trekking in Nepal should only be undertaken by those with some previous mountain walking experience. They ascend to altitudes of up to 5500m and involve some steep climbing, although it is necessary to use ropes. Treks at Strenuous level can be arranged for periods of three week duration and could be longer. Strenuous Trekking trails are sometimes uncharted and away from inhabited areas. In Strenuous trekking period, most of the days we have to spend like moderate trekking. Some of the trekking days are unavoidably, slightly difficult and longer. You have to walk Six to eight hours with longer ascents, the scramble on an exposed ridge and rough condition. Good level of fitness is highly recommended for Strenuous Trekking tour in Nepal. Visit Nepal once in life time and enjoy strenuous trekking with great views of highest mountain of the world.

Challenging trekking in Nepal
Challenging Trekking packages Nepal are generally longer and more strenuous with long ascents & descents, steep gradients, rough ground, some backpacking. Mountain walking experience, high standard of physical fitness and stamina are essential to get success for Challenging Trekking in Nepal. Challenging treks are best described as Alpine, and suitable for those in excellent health and physical fitness, capable of carrying a backpack, when necessary. Challenging trek covers remote areas of Nepal, traveling over snow-capped passes at altitudes of up to 6500m.You have to walk in Himalayan region up to eight hrs everyday during challenging trekking period. Most of the challenging treks are fully supported; you have to stay overnight at about above 4000meters. Most of the days of trekking period for challenging trek, trekkers should be fit and enthusiastic mountain and hill walkers prepared to tackle difficult terrain in remote areas. Trekking in Nepal Pvt. Ltd organize the Challenging Trekking are only for real adventurers. You have to involve steep ascents to high altitudes with the possibility of some rope climbing equipments. You’ll need stamina to complete challenging treks. Most of the Challenging trekking can take 20-28 days. Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.  operate challenging trekking according to your desire remember that All challenging trekking packages in Nepal are camping expeditions. Visit Nepal once in life time and enjoy challenging trekking with great views of highest mountain of the world.

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