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Rolwaling trekking

Rolwaling Trekking Nepal Info
Rolwaling trekking in Nepal is one of the best non-touristy (less tourist visit) trekking destinations for adventure lover. Located in eastern part of Nepal, Rolwaling trekking region is close to Everest trekking Region. Rolwaling valley extends east to west of the Gauri Shankar Massif (7134 m) and this Rolwaling treks goes through the Rolwaling valley is one of the truly “off-the-beaten-tracks”. Rolwaling trekking is one of Nepal’s finest high mountain valleys West of the Khumhu, directly on the Tibetan frontier there is a wild, lonely high valley the “Rolwaling” which is called simply “the grave” by the indigenous Sherpa’s on account of its location – buried down between steep ice-giants. Many mysterious stories have being passed on about the valley that we cross by Rolwaling trekking. Through which the fore fathers of the present-day Sherpa’s once came. It is here that the notorious and celebrated Yeti is supposed to make his home. Entire research expeditions have, so far unsuccessfully, attempted to find him.
Rolwaling trekking in Nepal provides an experience the isolation of this region, romantic Himalayan views, various types of `flora and fauna and rich tropical local cultures. Very few tourist success to do trekking in this area, cause of its, covering the mountain terrain of the Nepal-China (Tibet) border, the trail to this pass goes between huge mountains along glaciers, situated in eastern parts. Rolwaling trekking offer panorama views of Himalayas, beautiful waterfalls, Tso Rolpa Lake, monasteries and landscapes. Trekking in Rolwaling region leads the remote and beautiful village, past picturesque sherpa, Tamang and Chhetri village with their typical terraced fields, dense & gloomy primeval forest as well as over broad bridge with wonderful views of the Himalaya.
Rolwalling trekking offers fascinating experience of Rollwaling Himal west of Everest and near the Tibtian border. Starting with a drive from Kathamandu to the village of Charikot in Dolakha deistic, passing through the Rolwaling valley and cross the Tashi Labtsa to the Khumbu valley then it leads up along the Tama Kosi riverbanks, under the shadow of Mount Gauri Shanker (7,145m). The Mt. Gauri Shanker is a holy mountain and a source of Bhote Kosi River. From Simigaon, the trail turns right along Rolwaling Khola that runs deeply below ahead, it is a part old trade route to Tibet.  Returning to Kathmandu via the remote mountain airstrip of Lukla are the basic information about the route.

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