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Trekking in restricted areas gets really unique experience in Nepal because restricted area rarely touched by foreigner and there are several attraction of natural diversity. Restricted area trekking will provide the chance to understanding mountains and cultures where special permit is required to do restricted area trekking in Nepal. Generally in restricted trekking routes we need to organize a camping trekking because there is not any lodge or tea house on the route of restricted area trekking in Nepal Himalayas. Trekking to a restricted area must be arranged as a fully equipped organized trek through a registered trekking agency using tents, sherpa staff, cooks and porters. Government of Nepal announced the opening of some restricted area for trekking in October 1991.

Restricted Area entry for foreigners is strictly controlled, by the immigration of Nepal. The immigration office rules now state that “trekkers are not allowed to trek in the notified areas previously known as restricted”. Rather than get involved in all this semantic complication, the term “restricted” is used here to refer to places that are closed to trekkers, or open to trekkers only when accompanied by a policeman (a liaison or “environmental” officer). Fees for treks to restricted areas range from US$70 per day (with a 10 day minimum) for Mustang to US$90 per week for Humla and Manaslu. You must also pay for a Nepal government official to accompany you throughout the trek. You have to pay for special permit to enter the restricted areas for foreigners. Restricted areas trekking trip Nepal must be organized through the registered trekking company Nepal. Restricted area trekking permit is not issue for Individual trekker. Groups must consist of a minimum of two guest and necessary staffs for trekking in restricted area. Main restricted trekking destination Nepal are Upper Mustang trekking, Upper Dolpo Trekking, Manasulu Trekking, Lower Dolpo Trekking, Rara Lake Trekking etc are an examples of restricted areas trekking in Nepal. All of the restricted trekking area covers remote part of area for trekking in Nepal. Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd arranges restricted area trekking in Nepal according to your own desire.

Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd is Government registered trekking company of Nepal who has authority to arrange all restricted area trekking trip in Nepal. Main objective to declaring the areas ‘restricted’ is to protect the natural environment and culture from outside influences. Restricted area trekking will give you the opportunity to experience mountains and cultures where the special permit is required to do this trekking. The trekking agency arranges the permit through a series of applications, guarantees and letters, a process that requires about two weeks and can be started only 21 days before the arrival of the group. Many trekking packages that are suggested on a map of restricted areas trekking and you cannot get a permit for restricted regions you have to pay for a special permit. When planning your trekking in restricted areas of Nepal, always make sure that you have made the entire necessary requirement. The government restricts some areas because it doubts that it could provide the security that trekkers need. There are also political reasons for some restrictions. Border of Nepal with China was more sensitive than it is now. Environmental groups, particularly the Nepal, Nature Conservation Society, are pressuring the government to keep some places closed for ecological reasons to avoid both cultural and environmental degradation. Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd offers following trips in restricted areas of Nepal. Restricted Area Trekking in Nepal is:

Tsum Valley Trekking               Nar Phu Valley Trek
Machhapuchhre Trekking       Tamang Haritage Trail
Pikey Peak Trekking                   Bhairav Kunda Trekking
Khayer Tal Trekking                  Mardi Himal Trekking
Dudh Kunda Trekking               Sailung trekking

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