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Manaslu trekking

Manaslu Trekking Nepal Info
Manaslu trek is the finest trekking destination in Nepal. Mt. Manaslu [8163m] is the eight highest peaks in the world, opened for the trekking purpose since1991. Manaslu trekking provide spectacular beauty along the border of Nepal and China and is now a controlled trekking route which allows organized trekking groups special permits to venture round its spectacular circuit. Located in west central Nepal, trekking around Manaslu, provides strong walkers the best that Nepal has to offer: fantastic mountain scenery, spanning altitudes from 375 m to 5300 m, a diverse range of eco-systems and ethnic cultures are the main highlight of Manaslu trekking. Manaslu trekking trail is the one physically closer to Tibet than any other trekking destination in Nepal. There is no doubt that trekking in Manaslu reason being popular day-by-day for real trekkers in Nepal.
Manaslu means “The Spirit-Mountain” in the local language, referring to the benevolent and strong deity, which dwells within. Trekking in Manaslu is one of the most wonderful adventures tourism activities in Nepal offer well-loved trekking route, providing with untouched mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the treks experience around the 8156m Manaslu. Trekking in Manaslu region offers a diverse culture, wonderful landscape as well as challenging trail along Budi Gandaki valley. Manaslu trekking destination is rich of natural beauty, there are number of waterfalls and lakes, interesting Buddhist Monasteries in Samagaon and Larke Bazzar as well as interesting Tibetan village that looks medieval. Manaslu trekking is geographically spectacular and culturally fascinating. The Tibetan of the upper Budi Gandaki, a region known as Nupri are directed descendants of Tibetan immigrants. Their speech, dress and customs are almost exclusively Tibetan and there is still continuous trade between Nupri & Tibetan. The Mountain View in Nupri is sensational as well as Larke pass (5213 m) is a dramatic Himalayan pass to cross for Mountain seekers.
Manaslu trekking starts from Gorkha. Gorkha itself is a historical place, where King Prithibi Narayan Shaya’s born. Prithibi Narayan Shaya is the first king in Nepal, who has able to make present Nepal from more then 75 sub countries.  On the way to our Manaslu trekking trail, we will able to observe his palace in Gorkha then our trekking in Manaslu region head to the north part of Gorkha. The first few days trekking in Manaslu region are hard. Slowly we enter regions some scenic and culturally interesting. During a trekking period at Manaslu, we pass through interesting and exotic Buddhist village of Samagaon, Sirdibas and Samdo nad cross the Larke pass to descent to Marshyangdi valley in Annapurna circuit route where Manaslu trekking ends at Besisahar.

Manaslu base camp trek

Manaslu base camp trek info Manaslu base camp trek is one of the popular trekking trail of Manaslu trekking region Neapl. Situated near the border of Nepal and Tibet Mount Manaslu 8163 m. is the 8th highest peak of the

Ganesh himal trek

Manaslu Ganesh himal trek to ruby valley Ganesh Himal trek is less crowded trekking trail of Manaslu trekking region Nepal. Ganesh Himal trek offers superb Himalayan views of Ganesh himal, Bouddha Himal, Langtang,  Hiunchuli as well as other enumerable peaks

Tsum valley trek

Manaslu and Tsum valley trek Tsum valley known as sacred Himalayan pilgrimage site located in northern Gorkha district of Nepal. Tsum comes from the Tibetan word “Tsombo” which means vivid. The trekking trail of Tsum valley heads up the valley

Manaslu circuit trek

Around Manaslu circuit trek in Nepal Around Manaslu trek known as Manaslu circuit trek in between all kind of adventure travelers. Around Manaslu trek, the finest trekking destination in Nepal, Opened for trekkers since 1991. Manaslu round trekking is considered