About Us

Good Taste Treks & Expedition (p). Ltd is a registered company under Nepal Government to the ministry of Culture, Civil Aviation and Tourism. The company is headed by Baburam Bhatta (Babu) with over 15 years experience in the tourism field. He can help to settle-down your trip as you wish. Good Taste Trek & Expedition (P). Ltd is an experienced Travel & Adventure consultant, base in Kathmandu organizing different outdoors adventure trips as Trekking, Rafting, Peak Climbing, Jungle Safari, Paragliding, Kayaking, Cultural base tours, Historical tours, Special Package tours as long as Tour and Trek to Bhutan, India, Tibet, Laddak and many more country.

 To be able to provide all the above service, we have our own fleet of cars and latest model luxury coaches, well maintained and driven by experienced and trained drivers to ensure our clients comfort & safety.

We now invite you to compare the difference and allow us to share with you, your valued clients and your friends the many splendors of Himalayan country and the warm hospitality of our people.

                                    Why with us!

As Good Taste Trek & Expedition / Tour & Travel Pvt. Ltd is a company established not only to earn profit, part of profit that goes to support community.

In a country like Nepal, it is disheartening to see our kids being deprived even from the opportunity of basic education which is usually believed to enable them to be self reliant individuals on their own resources.

Considering this reality, we have taken a small initiative to help providing basic schooling opportunities to those kids whose parents are found to be unable to afford their education.

Provide necessary goods (copies, pen, note book etc.) for (those child who are missing even basic education for not able to buy copes, pen, note book because of financial situation) student at government school. We take you school at remote side of country and you directly can help as you can.

Company Mission:

Giving loan for poor households to create their own small business (that can help for them to change their life), at remote part of country. It is just like small invest we can do for poor house holds who doesn’t have any way to support their daily life. We just buy cattle (got/ buffalo/ cow or what ever that they can easily take care it). After a few years while they do have more cattle (goat/ buffalo/ cow) then the first one gives to another family. It is because they do have grass and food to feed cattle at jungle but no way to buy cattle at the beginning. It can be very usefully for those people who have problem for survive each day.

Provide mobile clinic for community:

Organize different activities in between groups of school to help to increase personality at remote part of School’s child

Provide financial support to develop community:
Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd also would like to help Ama Samuha to develop for emergency case. Ama Samuha is the group of house holder wife so we make a small found for them they can use such as emergency case like: delivery case, any kind of accident. For example if some body sick and who don’t have enough money to check it out at hospital then they can use it. They can use it any time if they needed but they have to pay back with no interest.

It is our motto to support the community. We are supporting community as to provide good teachers for computer knowledge at remote places. Providing a teacher to give speech for students about how people promote agriculture in Nepal (Nepal is an agriculture country but lack of good knowledge farmer are not able to grow crops as they do hard work on field). We are on the process to hold mobile medical clinic about where there is not even clinic for medicine. It is on the process, we believe we will success with our goal.

To fulfill our company desire, your small help can be great for community that goes by our company. So we have request to all of our clients to join with our company service that we offer: We are specialized in trekking, jungle safari, rafting, and all the ticketing activities in Nepal.

 So if you have any plan for doing any any of above activities while you are in Nepal, please feel welcome to join us.

So, all kinds of helps are welcome, if you have some space in your luggage’s you can bring with you school supplies, clothes, shoes …We will be in charge to distribute them to the Foundation.

Good Taste Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd
Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal